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Ikumen datte Koishimasu
Mangaka: Mishima Kazuhiko
Genres: Yaoi; Romance
Summary: Daycare teacher Yui doesn’t really like Rei’s super young daddy, Asagi. But after learning that 24-7
idiotically smiling Asagi is actually a kind and responsible daddy, Yui becomes conscious of Asagi. One day, Asagi collapses with a high fever and Yui comes over to tend to him. Yui ends up kissing Asagi who says in his fever, “stay with me, Yui.” But soon Yui is shocked to find out from Rei that Rei’s mother’s name is also “Yui.”
A love story between an earnest daycare teacher and a cute yet aggressive Papa begins~ ♪
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Yoake E No Senkou
Mangaka: Ootsuki Miu
Genres: Mature; Yaoi
Summary: Tozaki is a university student who aim to be lawyer and work as a part-time staff with Kuze who is Tozaki’s boss. Because Tozaki need to get his essay back from Kazu so Kazu asked him to get it back from his house!? 
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Soredemo Kamawanai 
Mangaka: Masao Sangatsu
Genres: Shounen Ai; Yaoi
Summary: Okumura’s first impressions of his new coworker were ‘hardworking but untrustworthy’, but he didn’t realize, he was actually helplessly cute…
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Crown Craze - Suzukura HalStatus: OngoingCategories: Adopted Child/Children, Chasing After Love Interest, Childhood Friend/s, Dead Parent/s, Festival, Funeral, High School, Injury, Live-in Lover, Persistent Male LeadGenre: Drama, Romance, School Life, Yaoi
In a room lie the two real brothers, the 17-year-old Kuruto and the 15 year old Enishi. —This is the good night kiss— They have been together since they were small. It was a natural thing for them to spend time together but that is slowly starting to change.The day the relationship between the two of them becomes awkward is when Kuruto returns home after a long time. The brothers attitude towards each other are so different and suddenly Kuruto tells the younger brother “Don’t think of saying you love me again”…?

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Kami-sama no Iutoori
Mangaka: Moegi Yuu
Genres: Fantasy; Romance; Yaoi
Summary: Ever since his mother passed away, Hinata has been taken care of by Midori, who is as strict as he is caring. Midori’s smart, and tall, and handsome. He also doesn’t have a shadow or a reflection in the mirror. Wait… What? Hinata’s a scaredy-cat, and thinks Midori might be a ghost. But he is in fact a…? 
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Risou no Koibito
Mangaka: Madarame Hiro
Genre: Yaoi
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Love Lesson
Mangaka: Chidori Peko
Genre: Yaoi; romance
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